The Content for Bekker Equestrian is Now Up to Date

All the web pages have been refreshed with new and updated content. The page names have also changed, and there is a new page: EVENTS. A GALLERY page is coming soon! You will also notice slight design changes, but we are still in the process of polishing this off. Visit Live Website Screenshots Widescreen view [...]

Cleanup Time for the SA Investments Society Website

The founding member and I have many plans for the South African Agricultural and Other Investments Society website. I know the name is quite a mouthful, which I why I will start making use of the abbreviation: SAAOIS. I did a design and content cleanup yesterday. We are having another design revision meeting today, so [...]

Bekker Equestrian Trots onto the Web

My most recent project is an informational website for a stable yard (Bekker Equestrian Academy) in Pretoria. I simply took the default ASP.NET MVC template (in the Visual Studio IDE) and customised it to fit with the academy logo. The site is currently undergoing design and content revisions…more on this in future posts! Visit Live [...]

An Unfinished Book Blog Website

This is a project for my sister, the Tranquil Reader. She publishes regular book reviews and book related posts. I started this design from scratch, making use of bootstrap classes for layout. The blog post editing functionality was extremely close to done, but I have chosen to move away from the ASP.NET MVC framework (for [...]

A Business that got Online Quickly

This is one of my speediest creations: Vivid Style Truck and Plant Hire is an informational website for a business that offers transportation and construction services in and around Nigel, Gauteng. To get this result, I made simple modifications to a free Bootstrap template. Visit Live Website Screenshots Widescreen view of website pages Mobile-friendly view [...]

Small Beginnings for a South African Investments Society

This simple website is another one of my volunteer projects. It provides information about the South African Agricultural and Other Investments Society, which is dedicated to the advancement and protection of South Africans. Their site was created using plain HTML and CSS, along with a tiny hint of JavaScript. The information architecture and design evolved [...]

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